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Global Project Logistics Network Membership Terms & Regulations

Communications /Operations Terms

1) English is the common language of communication between GPLN members when writing. All GPLN members should have in their office at all times at minimum one person to handle communications who has an internationally acceptable standard of spoken and written English.

2) Straight rate request from other GPLN members that arrive in the AM should be responded to by the PM. Rate requests from other GPLN members that arrive in the PM should be responded to within the AM following business day. If the rate is not yet available, needs more information, or is difficult to get quickly, an immediate notification as such should be sent in writing (When referencing AM and PM, we are noting the receiver’s time).

3) Pricing requests for RFQ’s, bids and any special cargo should be answered as soon as possible with the requested party giving their best estimate as to when such requests can be replied to completely.  Said follow up on such requests should be within one working day.

4) It is assumed that GPLN member’s operations have workable telephones, faxes and e-mail systems. GPLN members should, when ever possible, use official company e-mail accounts for business and refrain from free sites such as Hotmail, Yahoo!, etc.

5) Routing orders, rate inquiries and RFQ’s to GPLN members should clearly state that the request is from a GPLN member. This is in order to avoid confusion.

6) Any time a quotation or shipment is refused, the refusing party must let the GPLN party being refused know concisely in writing the reason the quotation or cargo is being refused.

7) If bilateral agency contracts are required by GPLN members as a condition of working with other members, this should be clearly stated in initial quotations to other GPLN members.

8) If a GPLN member is contacted by a non-member who claims to be a GPLN member the GPLN Membership Coordinator and GPLN Executive Director should be made aware of the situation. If there is any doubt as to whether any company is or is not a GPLN member please contact the GPLN Membership Coordinator directly.



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