Mainly what we require to join GPLN is proven project cargo experience. We want companies who are specialized in handling project cargo and are very active in their local markets for this business. We want companies who have accounts with the oil & gas industry, mining, large engineering firms, ship builders, power production / energy industry and the like. A good candidate for GPLN is a shipping or logistics company that would have dedicated staff or departments (if not even the focus of the entire company) devoted to marketing and handling heavy lift and oversized cargo.

There is an application on the website that you should fill out. You can find this by clicking here and filling out the form.

If for some reason this application form doesn’t work, please contact us and we will arrange to get the information from you directly.

It is very important in filling out the online application form is that you provide the four references we request. These references should be overseas agents who have worked with you specifically handling project cargo. Be prepared to give detailed information on the project cargo that you handled with these agents. And if you are currently working with any GPLN members, this is also very important for us to know from the beginning. Remember, applications without three overseas agent references will be returned to you!

Once we have this application, then the executive director will personally follow up on the references. Should the references give you good recommendations and the information regarding your projects background be verifiable then you should be offered membership. Once an official notification has been sent to you about your acceptance our accounts will send the membership invoice to you. Once this membership invoice is actually paid then we will add you to the directory and announce you to all of the members.

We will ask such questions pertaining directly to your operational expertise, sales abilities, business communication practices (and skills) and your company’s financial stability. We will also inquire whether your references have any other information, either positive or negative, which would be helpful in making a final decision regarding your ultimate acceptance or non-acceptance as a member of GPLN. We also will most likely ask specific questions about the projects and project cargo that you worked with these agents on.

Applicants who are rejected will not be allowed to reapply for a minimum of six months.

GPLN has standardized annual membership subscription fees which can be obtained by contacting us on our contact form or see details on our application page.

From the very beginning GPLN has been and will remain a non-exclusive network of independent logistics companies specializing in project cargo. There are many reasons for this. We do not negotiate exclusivity in any market no matter the size. If you have further questions or comments on this matter we would be happy to respond to them. Please contact us directly on our contacts page.

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