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Global Project Logistics Network Membership
Terms & Regulations

1) Global Project Logistics Network (hence called GPLN) is a non-exclusive network of independent project freight forwarders and international logistics companies specializing
in heavy lift, out-of-gauge and oversized cargo lifting, transportation and chartering. Network membership is not capped by GPLN in any market.

2) All GPLN members must be local or regional logistics companies with good reputations (regarding finance, operations, communications, sales coordination,
and other professional factors) which can be backed up with at least four third-party agency references from countries outside of the residence of their main head office. This cannot be waived.

3) GPLN members agree not joining any competing project logistics networks
within 3 years from the date of joining GPLN.

4) GPLN members are attending the worldwide annual GPLN meetings on a regular basis, not missing two consecutive years without valid reason.

5) GPLN members who are not up to date and current with their accounts with GPLN will not be allowed to attend international meetings. GPLN membership invoices for new members are payable upon presentation. For renewals, GPLN will invoice one month in advance. Renewal invoices are due thirty days after the date of the invoices.

6) GPLN terms and regulations are for GPLN membership only. Any member to member dealings are subject to the members’ own terms and conditions.

7) As a point of professional courtesy, GPLN members will not actively target and recruit personnel of other GPLN members in the same gateway. However, if personnel respond to advertisements or general announcements then it is down to the discretion of the staff member.

8) GPLN member should never low ball the bid or quote simply to grab the business if it is currently held by another member.

9) It is understood that any photos, press releases, advertisements, logos and the like that are sent by member companies to GPLN can and may be used by GPLN for group promotional purposes. By sending this material implicit permission for GPLN’s use is granted.

10) GPLN members agree to and they GPLN logo and to hyperlink the GPLN logo to GPLN’s website. The GPLN logo should be placed in a prominent position on the member’s own website (to be understood as to the GPLN member’s home page, project cargo page and / or contacts page in the case that the GPLN member is a part of a larger corporate structure). GPLN members also should display the GPLN logo on their stationery (letterhead, business cards, envelopes, etc.) whenever possible.