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After we printed our first newsletter in 2007 and published 70 newsletters since, we have decided to go digital in conjunction with our new GPLN website. We are pleased to present you our newsletter issue #71 and hope that you like it. Next year we will publish our newsletter monthly which gives twice as much exposure as before and more opportunities for our members and sponsors to showcase their big moves.

The global economy growth in 2019 was just 2.9 percent and the forecast through 2023 predicts also a slow growth, due to cyclical, structural, and political risk factors contributing to this deceleration. The strongest regional economic performance will be in Asia, led by India, which continues to be the fastest growing major economy. Although China’s economy is slowing, its growth rate will remain robust in the coming years. Asia is leading the world in economic integration, with the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership recently coming into force and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership still under negotiation.

The year 2019 is rapidly coming to an end. In October GPLN was exhibiting at Breakbulk Americas in Houston. Our GPLN members Agence Maritime Mohab /Tunisia, Fox Cargo/Brazil, Green Worldwide Shipping/USA, ITM Transportation/Mexico, Logistics Plus/Turkey, M&B Cargo/Uruguay and Wirtz Link Service/China participated in this event.

As announced earlier our next AGM will take place from May 31 to June 2, 2020 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Casablanca, Morocco, just after the Breakbulk Exhibition in Bremen. All relevant details are now available on our dedicated AGM site. We are looking forward to yet another large attendance who will have excellent opportunities for networking during scheduled one-on-one meetings and social events.

Meanwhile, we have finalized our next year’s travel plans and events. In February we will attend Breakbulk Middle East which is for the second time taking place in Dubai and in March our GPLN team will head for Shanghai to attend Breakbulk Asia. More travelling follows towards end of May. First of all, we offer again our renowned “Heavy Lift Maritime and Transport Seminar” on May 26, 2020 at the Dorint Park Hotel in Bremen. This technical course is open to both GPLN members and non-members. It starts the same day Breakbulk Europe in Bremen opens its doors in the evening, that attendees can easily combine both events in the same city.

Please visit for more details. Right after the seminar we will exhibit at Breakbulk Europe in Bremen. Our traveling season finally ends in October at Breakbulk Americas in Houston. We look forward to meeting those who join or visit our GPLN booth in these cities, as well as the delegates who attend our AGM in Casablanca.

As this is our last newsletter for this year, we wish you all the best for 2020.

Your GPLN Team

We welcome the following new GPLN members:

Unbeatable liner service secures transportation of critical equipment

When critical equipment needed to be transported urgently from Mumbai for an infrastructure project in Ghana, GPLN member OM Freight Forwarders chose Höegh Autoliners’ unbeatable direct liner service and experience in transporting breakbulk cargo.



Recently Höegh Autoliners India was presented an opportunity to transport equipment and track laying machines that would be used in the development of a rail network from Tema to Akosomba. The challenge posed was that the customer needed one hundred sensitive equipment units to be shipped urgently for a project deadline.

Unbeatable liner service
With the customer’s strict time constraints, Höegh Autoliners’ regular and direct liner service from India to Africa offered the most competitive transit time in the market. In addition, with a fixed departure time, it meant the customer could plan and prepare their cargo for transportation.

Captain Atuldutt Sharma, Breakbulk Sales Manager says, “With the equipment being an essential part of the project in Tema, the customer could not afford any delays. Höegh’s India to Africa service offered the best possible transit time of 25 days from Mumbai to Tema, which ensured the customer keep to their tight deadline.” 

Learn more about the service: Middle East to India and Africa service

Dependable equipment

Transporting sensitive equipment like this is a precise operational process that requires experienced personnel and dependable equipment.

Our cargo handling team were put to the test, when the shipment consisting of 100 breakbulk pieces of varying sizes and shapes, need to be transported on the same vessel. Using Höegh’s diverse fleet of rolltrailers, the team devised a plan to strategically place the 100 units on 15 select rolltrailers. This ensured all units fit inside the vessel and reach the destination in time for the project.

Vishal Joshi, OM Freight Forwarders says, “We were extremely pleased with Höegh’s professional team and customised solution given our short deadline for the project. Together with the competitive transit time offered, and handling equipment they provided on such short notice, Höegh ensured our critical equipment reach the destination on time.”

View our full fleet of rolltrailers

Safer with RoRo

By rolling the cargo on and off the vessel, it eliminates the need for crane lifts in both load and discharge port. This reducing the risk of damage to the cargo and ensures a safer operation.  Once inside the vessel, the rolltrailers are secured to designated lashing points underdeck, safeguarding the sensitive equipment from humidity or seawater.

Atuldutt continues, “Keeping to the customer’s deadline, the cargo was safely transported on board ready for its journey to Tema. These types of breakbulk shipments demonstrate how our dedicated Breakbulk Team around the world, in their quest for excellence offer our customers timely, reliable, safe, professional and cost effective services.”


Super Cargo Transport moves stainless steel tanks

GPLN member Super Cargo Transport from Vietnam handled a OOG export shipment. The commodity was empty stainless steel tanks. Details of the load:  1×20’DC + 1×40’HC + 3×40’Flat rack. The port of loading was Haiphong port in Vietnam and port of delivery Chattogram (formerly Chittagong)  in Bangladesh. Scope of work: loading cargo on containers, lashing, customs clearance, trucking and ocean freight.

10 Units of Hydraulic Shovel CAT 6030 Mobilization with Landing Craft Tank (LCT)

GPLN member PT Cipta Krida Bahari (CKB Logistics), member of PT ABM Investama Tbk (ABM), has been awarded a project logistics services contract by an integrated mining contractor company, PT Cipta Kridatama (CK) to mobilization of 10 units of Hydraulic Shovel CAT 6030, 12 units of OHT CAT 777- and 8-units CAT D10T Dozer who had a payload weight between 33 tons and 102 tons. All units started from ABN Sanga Sanga site at Kutai Kartanegara to CK Somber Yard, Balikpapan, which was divided into 10 shipping trips. Main activity of this project is executing operating plan to load all units onto LCT CKB Logistics from Jetty Kalin and unloading the unit at Jetty Somber, Balikpapan. A prudent survey, operating plan analysis, routes and type of transportation were the key factor of a success delivery, which means meeting the customer’s expectation with CKB Logistics’ solutions.

The project was challenged by the Indonesia’s geographic and minimum infrastructure; thus, the company plays important role in restoring the necessary infrastructure such as strengthening local bridges so it could be crossed by the project shipment transportation. Thus, include operations timing precision when using sea transportation with challenging climates and weather changes and addressed local issues for the team to handle and properly manage. Nevertheless, with CKB Logistics’ vast experience in handling this kind of project; it is positively that the cargos shipment could be successfully delivered timely and safely.

Velocity Global Logistics handles Break Bulk shipment

GPLN member Velocity Global Logistics from India handled a Break Bulk shipment from China to Kandla in India. The commodity was a Ball Mill who had a dimension of 15m x 3.3m x 3.3m and a weight of 49 megatons.

The scope of work was as follows: picking up of ODC cargo from the shipper’s factory in China to Tianjin Port, customs clearance of the cargo in China, packing and wrapping with tarpaulin, arranging the trailer under hook for loading on the vessel, inspecting of the lashing of the cargo on the vessel, arranging the survey at loading port, ocean freight from Tianjin to Kandla, arranging multi axel trailers for receiving the cargo under the hook at destination, customs clearance of the cargo at destination, delivery of the cargo to the consignee’s factory and offloading of the machines at the factory.

Turk Logistics handles multiple transports

GPLN member Turk Heavy Transport, in partnership with Ahmed Mansoor Al Ali Co. BSC & JGC Gulf International, managed to complete the successful transportation of 2 units of Sludge Storage tanks from Ahmed Mansoor Al Ali Co. BSC workshop to the Bahrain Petroleum Refinery project site. The dimension was (L) 13.5m x (W) 6.16m x  (H) 6.50m and the weight 21 tons each.

Turk Heavy Transport arranged also safely & successfully the handling and internal shifting (one by one) from Ahmed Mansoor Al Ali Co. BSC workshop to an open area for further restructuring and modification of 3 nos. BAPCO API Oil-Water Separators, being made and fabricated by Ahmed Mansoor Al Ali Co. BSC, for the Bahrain Petroleum refinery project. The dimension was (L) 32m x (W) 5.10m x (H) 2.6m and the weight 31 tons per unit. The API Separators were jacked up & down onto a hydraulic low bed trailers and transported to the site. The unloading operations at the site were performed with the same method on stools.

Turk Heavy Transport has successfully executed the transportation of 2 units Scrubber Retrofit with dimension of (L) 13.35m x (W) 9.37m x (H) 6.62 m and a weight pf 39 tons each, for our client Ahmad Mansoor Al Ali Co BSC. Turk was responsible for the complete transportation from client’s facility to Muharraq Engineering Jetty. The scope of work covered road permission, escort arrangements and transportation. Turk managed to execute the transportation safely, thanks to the close and timely coordination of the operation team members.

Turk Logistics and Heavy Transport – your reliable, professional partner for projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Driving backwards ? Universal Transport makes it possible !

Nothing is impossible with Universal Transport. The handling of heavy goods  is one of the most demanding services which also requires intensive planning in the logistics sector. Yet again, our Bamberg branch proved this in August.

In two consecutive nights, a total of 12 transports, each with a length of 52 metres and a total weight of approx. 130 tonnes per transport, were carried out for a customer in Eichenzell in the Fulda district. The cargo was concrete beams, more precisely prefabricated beams, which are usually made of reinforced concrete and are needed for the construction of a hall in the surrounding area.

For the implementation of the mission, six long load combinations with Dolly were used every night. Six BF4s and three BF3 escort vehicles were used to accompany the transport. The tricky bit was the exit :  the trucks could only leave the factory premises backwards and had to drive like this to the junction of the A66 in order to be able to turn  on the driveway to the motorway. From here the transport could continue as normal.

Good preparation, the right equipment and, of course, teamwork are a must for every transport. Our team in Bamberg did a great job here,” says Karsten Hillebrand, branch manager Universal Transport Bamberg.

Tanks for the rock of Gibraltar

The British overseas territory Gibraltar has its own government. With only a few exceptions, for which London is responsible for, it takes care of all the tasks which are also the responsibility of other European leaders. This includes securing the energy supply in the area at the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula. As part of the construction of a new energy center, a tank farm will be built, which will no longer be supplied with heating oil but with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

After two years of preparation, GPLN member Universal Transport took on a project transport from the Czech Republic to the Rock of Gibraltar – also called the Monkey Rock, because only in Gibraltar on the European continent do monkeys appear to be living freely. In two tranches at the end of the year, the five LPG tanks were shipped from the factory in Děčín towards the straits at the southwestern end of Europe.

In Hamburg, the containers weighing almost 250 tons, were transshipped by Universal Transport from the barge to the seagoing vessel. The heavy cargo expert, who already supported the production logistics with transports, also organized the final meters of the tanks, measuring 50.25 x 5.82 x 6.02 meters, at the destination with the help of self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT).

L.C. Van Tiel Logistics solves challenges

L.C. Van Tiel Logistics B.V., member of the Global Project Logistics Network, has faced another air cargo challenge from the Netherlands to India. This time we faced the problem of crating a unit as per packaging limitations of the airline so it could still be loaded aboard the airplane by a side loader. The main unit was 11,80m x 0,70m x 1,75m, containing a crate of 10 pipes. The other unit was (L) 10,39m x (W) 0,79m x (H) 1,34m, containing a crate of rubber discharge hoses, both weighing 1550 kg for each crate. We started this project from shipper’s premises in the Netherlands, pre-hauled the goods to our warehouse where we packaged the cargo into crates, carried on to the airplane terminal in Amsterdam, destined for Mumbai airport. We are proud of all parties involved because of the smooth and great job cooperation!

On the 21st of November, we have loaded an upper- and lower part of a Pile Sleeve. After a smooth loading operation under our supervision, the coaster was ready to sail to Hamburg. The dimensions and weight were as follows: Upper part – 8,24 x 8,24 x 1,02 and 42 ton / Lower part – 8,64 x 8,64 x 1,66 and 43 ton

GPLN member Terminal Logistics Services from Kazakhstan concludes this year on a positive note.

As per the results of the National business rating, they were awarded as “Industry Leaders” once again proving their professional skills, many years of experience and determination.

National business rating awards are considered annually for those companies who aim the ideas of reliable and long-term business activities, for clear relations with the state, their customers, employees, partners, and the public, choose the path of uncompromising adherence to ethical business principles.

This was the third award for Terminal LS since its establishment in 1992. From that period the company grew into a full supply chain logistics operator, which now can cover the Middle Asian region, with 4 offices in the main cities and the rest 11 representations around the country.

The company expresses gratitude to its employees, who, with their devotion and love for the common cause, lead the company as experienced professionals to success, charging our daily tasks with the drive of youth and wisdom.

Global Shipping Services cooperates with world’s largest offshore crane vessel

Global Shipping Services – Project office in Houston/TX was recently contracted to provide services to transport 25 pieces of Critical Offshore Subsea Equipment from Florida USA to Gibraltar.

Our main problem was the delivery deadlines, as we had to meet up with the “world’s largest offshore crane vessel” owned and operated by the Sleipnir Heerema, and arrange “double banking” operation from one ship to another at sea. The Sleipnir has 2 x 10,000 tons cranes for combined 20,000 ton lifts ( Another problem was the availability of the cargo. By working closely with our client and multiple vessel owners, we eventually chose BigLift as our vessel operator and we chartered the BigLift Happy Dover for this cargo. For the routing we evaluated Houston port, New Orleans port, Port Arthur and Savannah, and eventually we settled on Savannah port as it was faster for the charter vessel from Savannah to Gibraltar. We loaded the trucks over 4 days, drove and arrived to Savannah port and delivered every piece direct alongside the vessel Happy Dover. This saved time and double handling.

Our surveyors were on hand to oversee the vessel loading and stowage, with hourly updates to keep our client and Heerema informed. The delivery schedule to the Sleipnir was critical, as she was preparing to sail to Brazil for offshore operations. Eventually the Happy Dover sailed from Savannah on Oct 4th and arrived off Gibraltar on Oct 13th and the transfer to the Sleipnir was completed at 13.45 hrs. on Oct 14th. Job well done!

MOHAB handles cargo for the Iwat Project

This shipment for the IWAT Project was a really difficult and amazing challenge for Mohab as the final site at Ain Jammal-Hammam Bourguiba was located within a hard and mountainous place. We even had to organize local police escorts as the mountainous road was closed so that our trucks could move properly! We provided following services: 1/ Inland transport from Tunis port to our warehouse with 3 flat rack containers. 2/ Moving goods into 5 trucks 20’feet till final site. 3/ Police & Mohab escort. 4/ Discharging goods at site. 5/ Provision of crane at site. 6/ Assistance for installation of photovoltaic solar panels.

This project is dedicated to help deprived local population to have access to a clean and potable water. Details of the system in question:

Multifunction equipment – complex solution. Besides supplying clean water, in addition the integrated container units can provide services to meet social communication and healthcare needs. IWAT has environmental and social benefits, contributing to the solution of the water management challenges in this area.

Double Banking in Port Klang by Megalift Malaysia

In the recent project shipment for a new 2,242 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant in Melaka, Malaysia, Megalift performed a double banking for the Generator Stator unit. Having the barge come alongside the conventional mother vessel, the 453-ton Generator Stator was lifted and placed directly onto the barge where our trailers had been positioned. This was executed in the event that the cargo cannot be transported by road. The barge was then sailed to Melaka to have the cargo rolled off at the project site.

Advantis Projects & Engineering secures ISO 45001:2018 for Occupational Health and Safety

Advantis Projects & Engineering Ltd. recently announced their adoption of ISO 45001:2018 organisational health and safety standards. This new development serves as a measure to strengthen the company’s commitment to the highest standards of safety in their operations.

The ISO 45001:2018 organisational health and safety (OH&S) management systems certification was obtained through DNV.GL, an internationally accredited registration and classification society headquartered in Norway. Up to now, the company operated under the standards set by OHSAS 18001:2007, which governed the health and safety practices of Advantis Projects & Engineering. Placing further emphasis on maintaining the highest safety standards across their operations, the company upgraded their certification with the newly-established standard.

Commenting on this new certification, Hayleys Advantis Limited Managing Director Ruwan Waidyaratne said, “I am indeed pleased to see Advantis Projects and Advantis Engineering obtaining this certification, which is a testament to the impressive safety track record maintained by the company. Advantis always places paramount importance on the safety of our employees and stakeholders, and this certification is a further validation of our commitment to the highest safety standards.”

Speaking on this occasion, Rohitha Wickramasinghe from DNV.GL commented, “We are delighted to be the facilitator for Advantis Projects and Engineering in obtaining the ISO 45001:2018 certification, as the first company in Sri Lanka to obtain this certification from us. In an era where safety is of utmost importance, carrying this certification will in no doubt benefit Advantis as well as all its stakeholders.”

Backed by the strength and diverse offering of Hayleys Advantis Group, Advantis Projects and Engineering offers a multitude of logistics and engineering services to solve complex needs of its clientele.

The knowledge, expertise, and exceptional safety track record of Advantis Projects has enabled the company to offer heavy lift solutions for a myriad of projects, requiring specialised logistics solutions. Some of the projects handled by the company include the movement of transformers and engines for the Ceylon Electricity Board, the movement of rail profiles for the construction of railways, movement of windmills for the set-up of eco-friendly power solutions, and the movement of out-of-gauge equipment such as tunnel boring machines.

Advantis Engineering, meanwhile, has contributed to uplifting a plethora of industries in and around the nation, with their varied product and service offerings. Through their flagship brand Convertainers, and their latest addition, pre-engineered steel buildings, they have constructed large-scale factories, warehouses, schools, hospitals, hotels, and many more. The recently completed boat-manufacturing facility in Hambantota showcased their extensive capabilities in providing modern-day construction and engineering solutions. In all these efforts, stringent safety standards have been maintained, which are a key component of the company’s service offering.

Advantis Projects and Engineering Ltd., represents the Project Logistics and Engineering interests of the Hayleys Advantis Group, the transportation and logistics arm of Hayleys PLC. Driven by a Group-wide Occupational Health and Safety policy, Hayleys Advantis is working towards establishing a safety culture across all its entities. The company also invests heavily on the development of knowledge and expertise to support industry growth, with the aim of uplifting the standards of Sri Lanka’s logistics and construction industries. With experienced personnel, world-class facilities and state-of-the-art technology, the company is committed towards being an innovator in the industry.

Standing from left: Advantis Projects and Engineering Head of Health and Safety Hamilton Marlon Ebert, DNV.GL Sri Lanka Operations Business Development Manager Ujith De Silva, DNV.GL Senior Auditor Rohitha Wickramasinghe, Hayleys Advantis Group Management Committee Janitha Jayanetti, Advantis Projects Director Shadil Rizan, and Advantis Engineering General Manager Kamal Wimalaratne

Sparber Group successfully accomplishes difficult tasks

Sparber Group’s Project Cargo Division in Bilbao successfully accomplished together with a German partner a fuselage shipment from Mombasa, Kenya to Barcelona, Spain. Once it arrived to Barcelona, Sparber handled the loading to a lowbed trailer which traveled as a special transport to Zeebrugge in order to sail back to the US. Cargo details: 15.750m length 3.100m width 6.310m height and 3.700 kgs weight.

Sparber successfully fulfilled the objectives proposed by the client to minimize storage costs at port and respect the scheduled delivery. Sparber received agent’s and client’s recognition and congratulations for the well done job, and for being efficient with decision-making when obstacles happened, as this operation was done the night before the stevedores in Barcelona went on strike.

GPLN member Sparber Group from Spain shipped recently two heaters. The port of loading was Bilbao in Spain and the port of delivery Altamira in Mexico. The heaters had a dimension of 11,4m x 5,6m x 5,9 m and a weight of 100 tons each. Scope of work: loading, customs clearance, trucking and ocean freight.

AMI Worldwide complete various deliveries

AMI Middle East, part of AMI Worldwide, completed the delivery of 36 Terminal Tractors for Cosco Shipping Khalifa Port Terminal in Abu Dhabi. This is the third and last batch of delivery of 60 units. The scope of work included the customs clearance, loading from the port, transport, and offloading at COSCO terminal.

AMI Uganda, part of AMI Worldwide, just delivered a few OOG’s for a Sugar Expansion Plant from India FOB to door in Uganda. Our scope was not only limited up to the Ocean Freight, but conducting also the cargo survey at project site in Kaliro- Uganda, customs clearance at origin /destination and loading/unloading, as well as supervision and delivery to consignee.

At AMI and Manica, our project departments have extensive technical and engineering skills to ensure that every aspect of your project has been taken into consideration. Highly specialized shipments require a great degree of transport planning, from origin to destination. We have developed strong expertise in this segment. Our extensive network, skilled team and years of experience, enables us to handle all types of heavy, BB and OOG cargo.

Manica Zambia, part of AMI Worldwide, just completed a delivery of 3 Dump Trucks at 33.600 kg per unit from Copperbelt to DRC. The origin was Solwezi, Zambia and place of delivery Lumumbashi, DRC. The total Volume was 8000 CBM + 100x40HC SOC Containers.

Al-Bader Shipping delivers high-standard professional logistic solutions

Al- Bader Shipping Company (ABSC), a GPLN member in Kuwait, reports the successful ocean transportation of three assembled crawler cranes and their parts, from Kuwait to Singapore. The shipment included the following machines: KOBELCO CRAWLER CRANE (CKE600) / HITACHI CRAWLER CRANE (SCX700) / HITACHI CRAWLER CRANE (SCX700). Despite the huge dimensions of the cargo and an aggregate weight of 120 tons our specialist staff members specifically experienced in project cargo at Al- Bader Shipping engaged in a detailed survey of the cargo at site, proposed different logistics solutions to the customer, planned for the best fit solution and executed the transportation of these three cranes within a weeks’ time.

This was inclusive of all custom formalities, transportation of the cranes from the site to the port on low bed trailers and then cross stuffing to service Mafi trailers to move them on to a RORO vessel before it set sail on 18th of October. The Business & Projects Development Division of Al Bader Shipping responsible for the entire project movement explained that due to unfavorable weather conditions, the loading took slightly longer than usual, but didn’t hamper their determination to keep going, ensuring that the cargo was on-board and that the vessel sailed as per schedule. We are looking forward to assisting our GPLN partners on any project cargo or heavy lift requirements from Kuwait to anywhere in the world and vice versa.

STAR Shipping represents the Pakistan Transmission Project

STAR Shipping Pakistan gladly represented the Pakistan Transmission Project Break Bulk Cargo delivery to several sites in September, 2019 and successfully delivered 1,658 packages of break-bulk cargo shipment to the several sites of this project. The Pakistan Transmission Project is divided into two main zones, Matiari & Lahore. We have recently transported 7,700 Freight tons of break bulk cargo of zone-1 from Port Qasim to Matiari, Shahdadpur, Hasilpur & Saleh-Butt sites.

The break-bulk cargo arrived at Port Qasim and was shifted from Port Qasim berth to a temporary storage area prior to the dispatch of cargo from Port Qasim to several sites. Loading & unloading operations were carried out with our own heavy-duty 4 forklift trucks which have a capacity ranging from 12 tons-16 tons and a hydraulic crane with a capacity of 55 tons. The whole break-bulk shipment was delivered to the zone-1 sites without delay and in a safe & sound condition.

Multi Modal Movement – MRPL Project

Techno Process, after following a stringent technical & commercial process, awarded the logistics contract to MFC Transport to transport 14 ODC pieces from their works at Bharuch to Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd. Mangalore (MRPL). MFC’s business relationship with Techno Process dates back two decades and at the time of submitting the Proposal MFC based on the RFQ had conducted a preliminary route survey and a technical feasibility on the options of transporting the consignments. After receiving the work order, MFC conducted a detailed technical feasibility study & route survey to determine the modus operandi of transporting of the packages and transporting the ODC packages with a dimension of (L) 32m (W) 5m and (H) 4m. The challenge of transporting such consignments increase tremendously due to the geographical location of MRPL. The road transportation has to negotiate the sharp turns of the Western Ghats and due to tress and thick foliage it is a precarious task transporting ODC cargo. These level of difficulties were further compounded as this was a brown field project and the un-loading site required all the vehicles to travel through a functioning refinery were it was not possible to remove any obstacles or carry out any civil works. Moreover, MFC adhered to the Safety & Hygiene Norms of the refinery and all equipment used was certified as per statutory rules.

MFC approached the project by segregating the cargo in the following categories: Cargo that could be transported by road / Cargo that could be transported by road using special equipment like Low Profile Drop Deck Trailers & material handling equipment like heavy duty cranes / Cargo that would have to be transported by multi modal.

After this segregation of the cargo on mode of transportation, MFC planned the vehicle deployment, barge and equipment deployment. A systematic study was conducted and a detailed report was submitted on the stability calculations of the Hydraulic Axle Trailers & Barge. The lashing calculations were worked upon and taking into consideration the weather conditions the multi modal movement was planned. The entire movement entailed coordination & procuring statutory permissions from multiple agencies at multiple locations, and 14 consignments were synchronized in such a way that each cargo piece was delivered as per requirement of MRPL. The entire operation was planned & executed in a professional manner which ensured that the project was completed in the agreed time line and cost frame.

Excellent Shipping beats deadline

GPLN member Excellent (Shanghai) Shipping Agency executed a shipment of 220 KV Indoor Gas Insulated Switchgear equipment, together with spare parts, from Shanghai to India. The dimension of the cargo was (L) 10m x (W) 2.3m (H) 3.9m and had a weight of 25 tons per unit. The total quantity was 138pkgs / 356tons / 1779cbm, moved by 10X40FR + 23X40HQ. The delivery time for this project and time to select a suitable shipping company was very tight.

The goods were completed on October 16, and we placed the booking with the shipping line on October 20. Due to the cut off time on October 18 it was very difficult to complete the whole operation within 2 days. But we arranged the loading and professional lashing during a day and night operation to support the shipper in time and completed the task successfully for the trusted customer.

EUKOR Delivers 40m-long Steel Structure from Antwerp to Singapore

Reason Why You Should Choose RoRo Carrier for Shipping Lengthy Breakbulk Cargo

EUKOR Car Carriers Inc., a South Korea based global shipping company, has transported three units of 40-meter-long steel structures to the port of Singapore on its MORNING LENA from Antwerp, Belgium. What makes this project more noticeable is that a special equipment called ‘Multi-Purpose Bogies (or MPB)’ was used to load and discharge the cargo. The MPBs, typically used in pairs, are special cargo handling equipment that are especially suitable for long and narrow cargo with a max. weight of 140 tones and max. cargo length of 40 meters. This equipment requires years of experience and technical know-hows in breakbulk handling. Successful delivery of the package of steel structures on MPBs enabled EUKOR to prove competitiveness in handling breakbulk cargo, adding to prior experiences of using other special cargo handling equipment such as Jack-up Trailer with blocks & beams and Samson Trailer last year. “Of course, EUKOR has many years’ experience in delivering cargoes of different shapes and sizes using other cargo handling equipment in the past. But it was first time using this special equipment called MPBs. EUKOR can supply the equipment necessary to ensure that any cargo is handled in the safest and most efficient manner possible. With our Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo) vessel designed with a high main deck clearance to accommodate large, heavy and extra-long cargo, customers looking for a solution for shipping breakbulk cargo of unusual shapes and sizes will find it easy and safe to entrust cargo to us,” said Lee, Sungyoon, the Cargo Quality Manager at EUKOR.

W&LP Panama and Waiver Argentina developing projects together

GPLN member W&LP from Panama cooperated with fellow GPLN member Waiver Logistics from Argentina to a successful and safety move of 2 transformers with their parts. The first one was received on M/V BUXLINK 1935N and the second one on M/V MSC Barcelona 1934N, by door to door service from Buenos Aires to Port of Manzanillo and further 150 km inland to the customer premises in Panama Pacifico which is situated on the western bank of the Panama Canal. The dimension and weight of each transformer was as follow: 1 ABB Transformer: (W) 3,56m x (L) 1,80m x (H) 4,10m / 29 tons with 3×20’ ST with their parts and 1 ABB Transformer: (W) 6,18m x (L) 2,3m x (H) 3,7m / 39 tons with 1×40’OT with their parts.

Worldwide Logistics moves fishing boats

GPLN Member Worldwide Logistics from China recently arranged transportation of 4 fishing boats. The weight was 170 mega tons and dimension 29.8m (L) x 5.85m (W) x 9.9m (H) each. The fishing boats were self-driven from the Yangzi river to a prearranged dock near Wusong terminal at the Huangpu river in Shanghai. It was very difficult to get the approval for the Huangpu river, and Worldwide Logistics had to clear the water way and also arranged the with divers the lifting belt for loading to the dock. The cargo was finally shipped safely from Shanghai to Banjul in Gambia and everything went well.

SIGMAI exports Mobile Cranes

GPLN member SIGMAI from Israel handled recently the export of Demag Mobile Cranes which was part of an ongoing project of crane exports from Israel to India for a construction project. The weight of each crane was 60 tons, and the shipment consisted also of 7 containers with accessories. SIGMAI did the coordination for the ocean Break Bulk freight on a container liner vessel and handled the inland delivery of the OOG cranes, loading and lashing of accessorial equipment, customs clearance, port handling including lifting of units and lashing on the vessel, as well as survey and inspection. Since this cargo was loaded on a liner container vessel, special coordination was required, such as coordination with the pier to accept the cargo at nominated point and a specific loading plan of the platform, agreed with the carrier vessel planner. In order to meet the dedicated vessel sailing, a very tight schedule and coordination between all operating teams was required, but the operation was finally done smoothly to client’s full satisfaction.

BRELOG ships Autoclave for OTR tire

GPLN member BRELOG from Germany arranged recently the packing, pre-carriage including road permit and escort vehicles, customs handling, shipping, on-carriage and lifting by shore crane into factory from Germany to Asia. The cargo was an Autoclave for OTR tires weighting 17 tons and a dimension of (L) 4.15m x (W) 4.15m x (H) 3.92m. BRELOG is handling such and also bigger regular project cargo shipments from Europe to worldwide destinations.

Ambitious Zeebrugge crane investment benefits breakbulk customers

The investment in a new crane at our terminal in Zeebrugge means breakbulk customers will soon no longer need to rely on the availability of hired cranes-speeding up time to market for manufacturers and project forwarders. A new crane will be introduced early next year at our terminal in Zeebrugge, increasing operational efficiencies and providing even more flexible services for breakbulk customers.
The 750-tonne Liebherr LTM 1750-9.1 crane is the highest specification mobile crane on the market today and the first of its kind being delivered in Belgium in 2020. It means we will be able to cater for a diverse range of project breakbulk cargoes, at the same time as speeding up the process of lifting breakbulk from barge and truck onto our specialized fleet of equipment. Belgium and the port of Zeebrugge are increasingly becoming a preferred transit hub for breakbulk products. Delivery and on-carriage of products by barge is growing in popularity as an environmentally friendly transport option. Meanwhile our global network of RoRo services and high frequency of sailings to and from Zeebrugge provides a safe, fast and reliable means of ocean transport for products such as transformers, generators, turbines and other wind components, machine tools and boats and yachts. The new Liebherr crane is capable of lifting 150-ton pieces of products into and from barges. The maximum weight the crane can lift from a truck trailer onto a roll trailer or multi-purpose bogie is even higher, at 270 tons.
“This investment further extends the capabilities of both WW Solutions and WW Ocean at Zeebrugge,” says Vedran Muratbegovic, senior manager for global breakbulk business development, WW Ocean. “We are no longer dependent on crane hire availability, avoiding potential supply chain disruption, providing greater flexibility and speeding up time to market for our breakbulk customers.”


BATI Group’s project team has shipped several firefighting trucks from Turkey to the Maldives. This 45 tons of firefighting vehicle can store up to 18000 liters of water and can put out a fire in just a few seconds. The project team has executed this shipment from Derince Port to Sri Lanka Port with Roro. After the transshipment to the Breakbulk vessel, BATI delivered the trucks to Male Port/Maldives. The shipments started in July and were completed in September 2019.

EGL (Kadmar Group) completed successfully the Cairo West Power Station Project

Project Introduction:
Project Name: Cairo West Power Station 650 MW Steam Power Station
Client: Cairo Electricity Production Co.

The project included one 650 MW steam thermal power plant to interconnect with the National Unified Power System (NUPS) through a 500/220 KV GIS switchyard. It is comprised of one Rankine cycle sub-critical turbine generator unit with a nominal rated capacity of 650 MW using natural gas instead of heavy fuel.

Project Execution and Completion: During June, July, August and September 2019, Egyptian Global Logistics (EGL),a  subsidiary of KADMAR GROUP completed transportation of the Cairo West Power Station project. In addition, EGL (Kadmar Group) succeeded to deliver accessories and containers to the same site including the arrangement of all types of clearance formalities and getting approvals from the relevant authorities to clear containers in the port.

Challenges: The site is located about 258 km from the port of Alexandria on the west bank of the Nile river. It was a quite challenging operation scheme that was performed and completed, despite the difficult conditions. One of the greatest difficulties, in addition to the Project was the discharging of 4 x 228 ts Trafos and accessories. The same vessel delivered other 4 x 228 ts Trafos for other project. The port was congested, so special arrangement to berth the vessel alongside the container terminal and to secure sufficient storage space for unloading the units at the port of El Dekheila were made. Other important activities were route survey, transport study for choosing the most economical route from the port to the site including bridges study, civil work, crossing cities during the night time, moving under electric high voltage cable, removing traffic signs, removing sidewalks, removing trees all over the route, compacting the ground to bypass bridges, site preparation, soil compacting, shifting from 16 Axles 3 Files configuration used during the transportation to 12 Axles 2 Files inside the Site due to the maneuvering problems. The site became busy and could not be accessed with 16 Axles x 3 Files Modular Trailers.

EGL people engaged in the project: 36 staff members including: engineers, technicians, administrators, safety officers, escort staff, drivers, mechanics, electricians, riggers and custom clearing staff. EGL managed to provide the whole scope of operation and avoid increasing costs of overhead cables and gantry, perform the whole project smoothly for 28 days. The Trafos were delivered to the Site in good condition.
First, 228 ts Trafos left the Port: 06-Sep-2019
Last 228 ts Trafos delivered to the Site: 03-Oct-2019
This link shows the video for the project execution:

10 Units of Hydraulic Shovel CAT 6030 Mobilization with Landing Craft Tank (LCT)

GPLN member PT Cipta Krida Bahari (CKB Logistics), member of PT ABM Investama Tbk (ABM), has been awarded a project logistics services contract by an integrated mining contractor company, PT Cipta Kridatama (CK) to mobilization of 10 units of Hydraulic Shovel CAT 6030, 12 units of OHT CAT 777- and 8-units CAT D10T Dozer who had a payload weight between 33 tons and 102 tons. All units started from ABN Sanga Sanga site at Kutai Kartanegara to CK Somber Yard, Balikpapan, which was divided into 10 shipping trips. Main activity of this project is executing operating plan to load all units onto LCT CKB Logistics from Jetty Kalin and unloading the unit at Jetty Somber, Balikpapan. A prudent survey, operating plan analysis, routes and type of transportation were the key factor of a success delivery, which means meeting the customer’s expectation with CKB Logistics’ solutions. The project was challenged by the Indonesia’s geographic and minimum infrastructure; thus, the company plays important role in restoring the necessary infrastructure such as strengthening local bridges so it could be crossed by the project shipment transportation. Thus, include operations timing precision when using sea transportation with challenging climates and weather changes and addressed local issues for the team to handle and properly manage. Nevertheless, with CKB Logistics’ vast experience in handling this kind of project; it is positively that the cargos shipment could be successfully delivered timely and safely.

Green’s latest sustainability efforts

Green Worldwide Shipping®, a leading provider of international supply chain logistics and global trade services, continues the pledge to plant a tree for every employee, customer, and shipment handled, celebrating their third quarter contribution and bringing the total 2019 donation to 36,200 trees.

WHY TREES? Trees are a habitat for biodiversity and create much of the planet’s oxygen. They help combat climate change and play a large role in agroforestry and in helping farming families improve their land quality and productivity.

A single forest garden tree can isolate approximately 34.6 pounds of carbon (260 pounds of oxygen) per year. 36,200 TREES x 34.6 LBS OF CARBON = 626 METRIC TONS OF CARBON SEQUESTERED / 36,200 TREES x 260 LBS OF OXYGEN = 4,706 METRIC TONS OF OXYGEN ADDED TO THE ATMOSPHERE “Green continues to be amazed by the positive reaction we have received from our customers and partner agents through Q3 2019. Green believes in incorporating environmental responsibility and sustainability programs into our everyday operations; not because we have to – but because it’s the right thing to do. That’s the Green Way!”