A Word From GPLN:                                     Issue 81 / July-August 2021

Bloomberg Opinion recently stated that container lines are making lots of money from their customers’ misery. AP Moller-Maersk A/S, the world’s biggest container shipping line, was expected to make around $4.5 billion in operating profit in 2021, according to estimates at the start of the year by the financial analysts who follow the company. Their estimates have turned out to be totally wrong. Due to surging freight rates stemming from global supply chain snarl-ups, the Danish shipping giant is now predicted to make around $14.5 billion this year. Maersk’s extraordinary financial results are being repeated across the industry. If freight rates keep rising, the container lines could collectively make $100 billion in operating income in 2021, according to Drewry Maritime Research. That’s more than about 15 times the profits they generated in 2019 and nearly as much as Apple Inc. makes in a typical year! Though container lines are making heaps of money, some shipping groups say they hope things don’t go on like this as cancelled or delayed voyages, high freight rates and congestion surcharges are angering customers and triggering complaints of profiteering.

Furthermore, around 18 months into the pandemic, disruption to global supply chains is getting worse, spurring shortages of consumer products and making it more expensive for companies to ship goods where they are needed. Unresolved snags, and the emergence of new problems including the Delta variant, mean shoppers are likely to face higher prices and fewer choices this holiday season. Companies such as Adidas, Crocs etc. are already warning of disruptions as they prepare for the crucial year-end period. The latest obstacle is in China, where a terminal at the Ningbo-Zhoushan Port south of Shanghai was shut on August 11, 2021 for over two weeks after a dock worker tested positive for Covid-19. Major international shipping lines had to adjust schedules to avoid the port and are warning customers of delays. The partial closure of the world’s third busiest container port is disrupting other ports in China, stretching supply chains that were already suffering from recent problems at Yantian port, ongoing container shortages, coronavirus-related factory shutdowns in Vietnam and other countries and the lingering effects of the Suez Canal blockage in March.

As announced earlier we have moved our 17th Annual General Meeting from September 2021 to 2022 and will announce the new dates and location in due time.

Breakbulk Europe is scheduled to take place next year from May 17-19, 2022 at Ahoy Convention Centre in Rotterdam. GPLN will exhibit at this event and has secured a prime location in the main hall. We have booked 36 sqm which is the equivalent of 4 regular stands. In the meantime, several of our GPLN members have confirmed to share our booth after 2 years away from mingling with fellow project logistics specialists.

All upcoming events are obviously subject that the world is back to normal in 2022.

Stay safe and healthy!

Your GPLN Team


New GPLN Members / July- August 2021

Colombia Medellin Sea Cargo Logistics Overseas Colombia
Costa Rica Alajuela Sea Cargo Logistics Costa Rica SA
Mexico Mexico City Sea Cargo Logistics S.A. de C.V.
Peru Lima Sea Cargo Logistics Peru SA
Spain Barcelona Multitrade Spain S.L
UAE Dubai Navio Shipping LLC
UK Ipswich Transprojets UK Ltd
USA Atlanta (Airport) Green Worldwide Shipping, LLC  
USA San Francisco Green Worldwide Shipping, LLC 
Yemen Mukalla Basulaim Office For Shipping and Trading Services



Lift & Shift India handle world heaviest LC Max Reactors

GPLN member Lift and Shift India Pvt. Ltd, a leading Heavy-lift hauler and Project Logistics company in India operating over 7 decades continues its record-breaking streak in 2021, in spite of the Covid 19 restrictions.

Lift & Shift transported 3 LC Max Reactors said to be the World Heaviest Reactors.   The 3 Reactors weighing 2200 MT / 2208 MT / 2313 MT were fabricated by M/s. Larsen & Toubro Heavy Engineering Division, Hazira (Gujarat) for delivery to Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), Visakhapatnam for the Residue Upgradation Facility project which is one of the prestigious projects of Government of India.

Lift & Shift was contracted by M/s. Larsen & Toubro Heavy Engineering Division (L&T HED), Hazira for movement of 5 equipment including 3 critical reactors from their Hazira (Gujarat) yard to HPCL Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

The scope of work involved movement of 5 equipment from L & T HED fabrication yard to the Jetty in Hazira, roll-on to the barge, barging from L & T jetty to Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL) jetty in Visakhapatnam covering 2100 nautical miles, roll-off from barge to HSL jetty and Road movement from HSL jetty to HPCL refinery.

The equipment weight ranged from 650 MT to 2313 MT per piece.

The length of the heaviest reactor was 72 m with width of 12.2 m and height 7.7m, the transport was done on 96 axles using 3 PPU (total of 768 tyres).

The complete cargo was shipped in 3 voyages using Lift & Shift 280 class barge 2 voyages and a 330 Class barge 1 voyage from Larsen & Toubro jetty to HSL jetty, Visakhapatnam.

The critical and challenging was the last-leg movement from HSL jetty in Visakhapatnam to HPCL refinery for moving 2760 MT including trailer weight the heaviest ever equipment transport on roads of India.

Due to the dimension of the job the road transport required dismantling of all road fixtures over 5 kms including shifting of power lines poles, complete removal of center dividers, even the walkways and other smaller fixtures on the road.




L.C. Van Tiel Logistics complete challenging project

GPLN member L.C. Van Tiel Logistics from The Netherlands completed a challenging project from Genemuiden, The Netherlands to the job site in Gradilište Al Dahra Lucerka, Serbia.

They arranged following services: Supply of saddles for the drum / Shrinkwrapping on location in Genemuiden for both ends of the drum / From place of rest shifting the cargo to quay in Genemuiden / Suitable mobile cranes for transshipment ex truck into barge / Barging from Genemuiden to Pančevo, Serbia / Direct transshipment with suitable mobile cranes ex barge onto truck(s) / On-carriage from Pančevo, Serbia until Gradilište Al Dahra Lucerka in Serbia

The cargo consisted of a drum on saddles with a dimension of 18,65m x 4,46m x 4,66m and 43,000kg weight and a furnace at 10,04m x 3,37m x 3,27m and 30,000 kg weight.


From chartering of the vessel, pick up cargoes, local formalities at both ends, sailing, loading & unloading of vessel, up to the delivery to the final receiver in Israel. This was extremely challenging these days due to the heavy congestion and delays at ports, but their team did the impossible-as usual! The loading, stowage and local operations in Israel were all done securely and flawlessly by SIGMAI experts and partners abroad, all leading to a successful delivery and a very satisfied customer.

Khedivial Marine Logistics ship heavy and oversized girders


GPLN member Khedivial Marine Logistics (KML) from Egypt succeeded to transport 6 main girders + accessories from Egypt to USA with a total cargo volume of 1966 CBM. The main cargo dimension was (L)38m Long x (W)3.20m x (H)2.30m and the weight 41 tons each, a total of 6 units, plus shippers’ own containers for the accessories. KML’s scope of work was:

Inland transportation from Beni Suef and 10th Of Ramadan Industrial area in Cairo / All civil works required / Customs clearance procedures / Storage of the cargo at Alexandria port, including lift off and lift-on / Stevedoring and shipping agency. We would like to thank our partner Universal Transport Egypt and EGL Egypt for the professional attitude and great job to transport our cargo from the loading area up to Alexandria port.




Green Worldwide Shipping delivers time critical solution

GPLN member Green Worldwide Shipping from the United States received a special challenge; a client approached Green to help them expand a maintenance project during a planned shutdown of their Iowa operations – 10 days before the required delivery date.


Failure was not an option as each additional day of a plant shutdown would cost over $1 Million USD. The product had to be delivered to prevent a push back in the maintenance plan. This required importing 130 tons of catalyst from multiple suppliers and countries across Europe for delivery to Iowa within a very short window.

Coordinating the pick-up and consolidation of product, Green Worldwide Shipping delivered the perfect combination of time critical solutions utilizing both charter and commercial airfreight services.

In the end, close to 700 drums with an estimated total of 120 MT were successfully imported, primarily through two chartered aircraft; an Antonov AN-124 and an Ilyushin Il-76 and delivered to the plant just in time to complete their scheduled maintenance and save the day.



Höegh Autoliners propelling across the waves

When a forwarder needed to transport two large ship propellers from Kobe to Amsterdam, they chose Höegh Autoliners for their extensive experience in out-of-gauge shipments and direct liner service. With the 33 metric tonne propellers encompassing an outer diameter of 6.9 metres, it is considerably wider than the 2.6 metre-wide rolltrailer they will be transported on. Breakbulk cargo comes in various sizes and dimensions and requires extra planning to ensure its safe transportation. Höegh Autoliners’ team of cargo handling experts work closely with commercial teams to prepare these types of complex shipments.

Einar Bassøe, Head of Global Cargo Planning Operations says, “When placing cargo on a rolltrailer, it is essential to calculate the stress and weight distribution. This to ensure safe equipment handling and proper cargo securing. It is also vital to find the appropriate lashing-method for the cargo based on its shape, dimensions and weight.” After careful calculations, a stuffing and lashing plan was prepared and presented to the involved parties. Following the plan, the propellers were rolled on board Höegh Sydney, ready for its ocean journey to Europe.

A major advantage of using RoRo vessels to transport large breakbulk units, is that it is safer and less costly than other shipping methods. With the use of rolltrailer equipment, we reduce the risk of damage to the cargo as no high lifting is involved. Stowing cargo underdeck in ventilated cargo holds, keeps it safely away from elements such as seawater and humidity, requiring less costly packing solutions.

Nil Camille, Sales Manager in Höegh Autoliners says, “Thanks to our experienced global breakbulk team and a fast and direct service from East Asia to Europe the propellers were safely transported to the satisfaction of the customer.”

The forwarder was very pleased with the service of Höegh Autoliners who offered a safe, reliable, and competitive solution.

PROTRANSER ships transformers and project cargo

GPLN member Protranser’s team from China delivered recently 2 sets of transformers from Wuhan, China to Vietnam. The weight of the main body was 101 tons. Working scope included picking up cargo from the factory by multi-axle trailers, chartering barge from Wuhan to Shanghai and port service in shanghai, as well as export customs clearance.

Protranser delivered also 2600 CBM trailers from Yantai port, North China to Guinea, West Africa. These trailers included: 15 truck tractors, 15 semi-trailers and parts. All parts were loaded in semi-trailers and shipped in one lot.



Work scope was from port service in Yantai to chartering service of breakbulk vessel from Yantai port to port of Boke in Guinea.

In another move to Guinea, Protranser delivered 3000 CBM trailers from Longkou port, North China. These trailers included: 15 dump trucks, 10 truck tractors and 10 semi-trailers. Work scope was from port service in Longkou to chartering service of breakbulk vessel from Longkou port to port of Boke in Guinea.

Furthermore, Protranser shipped 10 mining trucks from Shanghai port to jobsite in DRC via Durban port, South Africa. The weight of each truck was 30.6 tons, and the total volume was over 1300 CBM. Working scope included collecting cargo at Shanghai port, chartering breakbulk vessel from Shanghai to Durban and delivering trucks to DRC by low-bed trailers.

Protranser provided also RORO port service in Shanghai and delivered to door some trucks for a nuclear equipment imported from Europe. The shipment was consisting of 21 pieces / 85 tons with a heavylift unit and dimensions of 6.82m x 3.26m x 3.30m and a weight of 63 tons.


“Offering a combined transport solution with a Wallenius SOL feeder service connecting to our Atlantic service we were able to deliver a safe, cost-efficient and sustainable solution,” says account manager Anneli Larsson, Wallenius Wilhelmsen, Sweden. Safe handling solutions and technical capabilities minimize risk dismantled into 14 components, some measuring 20 meters in length, up to 4.3 meters in width and weighing over 63 tons each, the press brake required careful handling.

“Drawings and load calculations were made by our technical team in close cooperation with the customer to find the best solution for fitting and loading the pieces on our handling equipment said the freight forwarder.

After careful planning, five 62’ roll trailers and two 40’ roll trailers-part of Wallenius Wilhelmsen’s fleet of equipment for safely handling breakbulk cargo-were used to load the components in Skellefteå with both Ursviken Technology and the freight forwarder present.

“An added benefit of loading at Skellefteå was that both the freight forwarder and the manufacturer were able to inspect the cargo handling, lashing and vessel loading. Loading the product at Skellefteå instead of hauling it long distance by truck also protected the components against rust from the salted roads. Once loaded onboard the Wallenius SOL vessel, the product was shipped to Antwerp where it was discharged and wheeled into storage still lashed to the handling equipment to protect against the elements while waiting for the WW Ocean vessel to take it to its final destination in Charleston, US.

Ms. Anneli Larsson, Account manager, Wallenius Wilhelmsen, Sweden said “Offering a combined transport solution with a Wallenius SOL feeder service connecting to our Atlantic service we were able to deliver a safe, cost-efficient and sustainable solution.” Safe, reliable network supports sustainability efforts shipping direct from Skellefteå not only reduced lead times, it also contributed to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions – a top priority for the freight forwarder and its customer. “We always want to find solutions that are as climate-friendly and safe for our customers’ cargo as possible. The most important factors considering and choosing a partner is a high service level, green mindset and agile thinking.”
By working with partners and expanding a strong and reliable network, Wallenius Wilhelmsen see an opportunity to offer more sustainable transport solutions on their waterways in the future.


Star Shipping operates various types of trailers

GPLN member Star Shipping from Pakistan has a team of specialists who provide comprehensive logistics service for heavy and spatial loads. Design forwarding is the most demanding branch of logistics and dedicated transport for the construction, industrial, metal and production industries.

Following trailers etc. are available:

34 wheeler Low Bed capacity 150 tons / 3 trailers

26 wheeler Low Bed capacity 120 tons / 2 trailers

22 wheeler Low Bed capacity 60-70 tons / 30 trailers

18 wheeler LowBed capacity 50-55 tons / 15 trailers

14 wheeler Low Bed capacity 30-35 tons / 8 trailers

10 wheeler Low Bed capacity 25-30 tons / 5 trailers

Flatbeds: 50ft / 60ft / 70ft  and 80ft high beds are also available

Star Shipping’s team was recently also busy in coordinating tandem discharging operations at Port Qasim in Pakistan for 8 transformers and wind mill sets with accessories. Total weight: 1072 tons and 1042 CBM

General Cargo Weight 2057 tons and 3838 CBM


STC Logistics deliver heavy acrylic panel

GPLN member STC Logistics from Vietnam (formerly known as Super Cargo Transport) recently delivered safely a big acrylic panel from discharging port to jobsite. They arranged the best solution for direct receipt under hook at berth, temporary storage at storage yard and delivery to jobsite. The dimension was (L)18.85m x (W)6.85m x (H)2.49m and the weight 65.5 tons.

Total Movements delivers critical shipment and Rail Lines

While the second wave of Covid19 was gaining ground in India, GPLN member Total Movements picked up a critical Breakbulk ODC shipment from the manufacturer’s factory in India to the Foundation in the USA. The move was fraught with challenges right from the beginning: Extreme width of the cargo (7.5m) / Offset Centre of Gravity / Extremely tight delivery schedule / Dearth of suitable breakbulk tonnage due to high demand / Multi-modal transportation in the US, including Barge transportation and Roll-off. The vessel had to be booked on a Last In, First Out basis due to the tight delivery schedule. Considering an acute shortage of suitable breakbulk tonnage, our team had to work extra hard to locate something suitable. With good co-operation from the carrier, our team managed to finalize the vessel with a single port call in between. Just when things looked to be going as per plan, calamity struck when the Suez Canal got blocked just before our vessel could cross it. The wait for the canal to clear was quite unnerving as this was a time-bound shipment. Our entire schedule was pushed back by at least one week. However, with great co-operation from our on-shore counterparts in the US, we made up for the lost time by managing faster deliveries than expected. This was our 5th breakbulk delivery to the USA with all cargo moved to the foundation site in the recent past.

In another shipment Total Movements successfully delivered 50,000 m of Rail lines for the Pune Metro Project. We were entrusted with the entire responsibility of receiving the cargo under the ship’s hook till its delivery to the project site, including unloading & stacking. Despite facing challenges like cyclone, heavy rains, resource scarcity/tough rules & regulations due to the brutal 2nd wave of Covid 19, our team handled & delivered the entire cargo safely and timely. The delivery site had its own inherent locational/spatial challenges, however, our technical/operation teams collaborated with the site teams and customers to come up with practical, customized solutions.


EUKOR (Wallenius Wilhelmsen Group) ships train on RoRo Vessel

Sets of trains – which have been loaded onto EUKOR M/V TIGER at the port of Antwerp, Belgium – arrived at the port of Singapore, after completing approximately 24 days of voyage. EUKOR not only has extensive experience and expertise in handling self-moving cargoes, but also stuffing, stowing, and securing static or breakbulk cargoes of different kinds.

Usually heavy breakbulk cargoes – mostly taller, heavier, or bulkier than normal cargoes – come in many different forms and shapes. If you are looking for an answer to “What mode of ocean transport is the best for shipping rail cargo?” this interview with our cargo superintendent Mr. Frederic Verhofstede would help you. He organizes and supervises cargo handling at our major calling ports in Europe.

What was the biggest challenge in handling those recent sets of train shipment from Antwerp to Singapore?

The challenge with this recent shipment was to transfer the locomotive from truck trailer to a MAFI trailer- or roll trailer- using a connection bridge. It must be calculated in detail; we must not forget that we have a locomotive that moves very slowly with a total weight of 53 tons without brake.

Most of the cases, usually challenges we face are cargo itself. To be accurate the shape of cargo are the biggest challenges. Because cargoes all come in different shapes and sizes when they arrive at the port for loading and discharging.

Let’s say you are shipping a train. It’s easy for one to say ‘they are just trains’, but for us to provide perfect handling of the cargo, we need the correct dimensions from customer or forwarder along with pictures and technical drawings. We must be well-prepared, and not forget that we must transfer everything from a barge and a truck to a MAFI trailer with rails.

Once we receive all the information, we look at this cargo specification step by step and keep all concerned parties – such as terminal operations, forwarder as well as customer – informed of how we will handle cargo.

What do you think is the benefit of shipping railcars on RoRo vessel?

From customer perspective, the benefit for shipping railcars on RoRo is that we can reduce risk of damaging the cargo. It is because of the way we handle the cargo. Once trains or railcars are stuffed onto special handling equipment such as MAFI roll trailer at the port, they can easily be moved with tug master and roll on and off the vessel via stern ramp. It is simple as that. This means customers do not have to dismantle their cargo, resulting in minimizing the risk as well as saving operation time. The railcars are then lashed, stowed, and secured on appropriate deck throughout the entire sea voyage.

Are there any new trends in rail shipment?

The new trends we see is that cargo is getting more sophisticated, and we must treat this with extreme caution. It requires for us more time and resources for preparation. This is why we need all the details about the cargo.

“If you need us at the factory? We must come to you. You would like to see cargo during loading? We present what is necessary. We ensure that your cargo is handled in the safest and most efficient manner possible, aiming to gain customers confidence, trust, based on our unmatched expertise in handling heavy breakbulk cargo”, said Mr. Frederic Verhofstede, Travelling supercargo specialist at EUKOR.

Any comment you want to make for customers when shipping railcars?

We have a strong team of inhouse experts with know-hows and a big pool of equipment to handle various types of breakbulk cargo, including customized solutions for each and every project we handle. So, if you have a cargo to ship overseas and want to request rate for your shipment, just reach out to our sales team for support.
We are always in close contact with all commercial colleagues, giving feedback back and forth whether we can do it or not and confirm as soon as possible. And make sure we provide best customer experience ever to meet customer satisfaction. The market and business are hard – which means that we must work with customers as a tandem

SL Global ship cranes, trucks and equipment to UAE

GPLN member JSL Global from Qatar shipped recently a total of 11 units: 3 cranes of various capacity (25-60 tons), 5 concrete pump boom trucks and 2 fork lifts by ocean freight from Hamad in Qatar to Jebel Ali in UAE.

There were a few challenges, such as vessel availability, traffic registration and power of attorney from court of justice, just to name a few.