A Word From GPLN:                                     Issue 84 / January / February 2022

Recovery from Covid-19 is nearing but supply chains are still struggling, and delays, are increasing. According to Independent Project Analysis (IPA), delays in vendor supply chains had improved by mid-2020 but in the third quarter of 2021 delays were more frequently compared to the situation at the beginning of the pandemic. According to a project owner survey, one-half of the owner companies said that logistics is facing significant chain disruptions. Limited vessel availability, a lack of resources at ports, bottlenecks due to containership congestion and rising logistics costs are all contributing factors.

Demand for renewable energy and the increasing size of wind turbines is posing fresh challenges for the installation vessel fleet, meaning operators will have to invest in new vessels or upgrade existing ones to install the super-sized turbines that are expected to become the norm by the end of the decade. Unable to install new and larger turbines, the first-generation installation fleet has now transitioned into maintenance and repair services for installed turbines. Some purpose-built vessels unable to handle the 10 MW-plus turbines have been moved from Europe to China, where lower crane capacity vessels are still in high demand. Out of the current fleet of purpose-built vessels, none are currently able to install 14 MW-plus turbines. This will change towards 2025 as newbuilds start to be delivered and existing vessels get crane upgrades. Since many of us are now planning their business trip to Rotterdam we would like to mention the following story: When Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon and one of the world’s richest men ordered a yacht at the Dutch specialist Oceanco, he did not envision a historic monument in Rotterdam to be in the way of the vessel’s delivery. Over the last couple of weeks, media is awash of reports that the 95-year old Koningshaven Bridge, known as De Hef will have to be dismantled, probably by Bonn & Mees to make way for the yacht. Their sheerlegs Matador 3 would be capable of lifting up to 1,800 tons and could perform the operation on its own. The dismantling could essentially be completed within a day, but more time would be needed to plan the operation.

As our members and sponsors are aware, this year’s GPLN AGM will take place from May 20-22, 2022 at the Hilton Hotel in Rotterdam, just after Breakbulk Europe and ahead of our technical course, so that attending delegates can combine all events in the same city. Up to now, over 100 GPLN members have already registered for our annual conference and also several delegates for our seminar which is also available for non-members and has still a few seats left. All relevant details about these events are published on our dedicated pages of our website. During Breakbulk Europe (May 17-19, 2022) you are most welcome to visit our spacious GPLN booth in the main hall 1 (1A20). We will be joined by various GPLN member companies, namely: Agence Maritime Mohab/Tunisia, Allseas Global Logistics/UK, AZKA Shipping &Logistics/ Iraq, Baltkonta/Lithuania, Brelog/Germany, Czechoslovak Ocean Shipping/ Czech Republic, Expo Freight/India, Falcon International/Canada, Global Union Alliance/Saudi Arabia, ITM Projects/ Mexico, and transmaritim international/Germany.

We wish you all the best for 2022 and look forward to meeting you soon in Rotterdam. Stay safe and healthy!

Best regards,

Your GPLN team


New GPLN Members / January – February 2022

Djibouti Djibouti Darka Horn of Africa
Ethiopia Addis Ababa Darka Horn of Africa
India Nashik MCS Logistics International Pvt. Ltd.
South Sudan Juba Darka For Traiding & Services Co. Ltd.


Total Movements delivers two MDEA Contractors

GPLN member Total Movements from India stepped up to the plate and recently moved Contractors for a prominent export project in the Middle East. As part of this project, Total Movements successfully delivered two 552MT/44-metre -long MDEA Contactors (Super ODC) from the supplier’s works to the load port on the west coast of India. With the critical cargo dimensions in mind, this movement was meticulously planned. Our technical/operations team communicated with the supplier in advance about the civil works required at their premises to ensure a smooth operation from the start. Since this shipment was scheduled during the heavy monsoons, a detailed route survey was conducted, during which our technical team considered various metrics, including turning radius analysis using technical tools, several calculations to ensure safe loading and transportation, and local permits were also obtained in advance to ensure timely delivery of the cargo. Considerable civil works were also carried out enroute from the supplier’s factory to the port. Following the arrival of the vessel, the cargo was moved from storage to the berth, and fed under the vessel’s hook,  and loaded onto the vessel’s deck. 

We would like to thank all the stakeholders involved who helped make this project a grand success.

Universal Transport moves heavy generators


A Word From GPLN

GPLN member Universal Transport from the Czech Republic has once again shown what precision work looks like. When transporting extremely heavy generators from Pilsen to the port in Lovosice, there were narrow places to pass through. Our experts needed two whole nights for the distance of just 160 kilometers.

Driving through towns and under old and new bridges was only possible at a snail’s pace. Not surprisingly, since the entire truck was almost fifty meters long, over five meters wide and around 5.70 meters high and a weight of up to three hundred tons. Two MAN trucks were in use here, one as a truck in front of the load and one to push behind the load. In particularly narrow passages, a colleague accompanied the driver by foot and communicated via the radio to guide the driver for a safe arrival of the load and equipment at the destination.

Hoegh Autoliners the reliable partner for delivery of rail coaches

Rail projects usually have tight delivery times, so having a reliable shipping partner is important. With Hoegh Autoliners’ experienced team, specialised rail handling equipment, and unbeatable liner service, GPLN member SARR Freight India was confident they were in safe hands.

Schedule reliability When selecting a transport provider, schedule reliability is crucial in ensuring vital cargo arrives on time for a project’s success. SARR Freight India was recently tasked to deliver 36 coaches to Maputo for Mozambique Ports and Railways (CFM) and needed a dependable ocean carrier. Hoegh Autoliners’ global network operates frequent and reliable liner services. Offering fixed schedules means customers can plan their shipments. This minimises their operational and storage costs and provides a predictable delivery time. 

Jitesh Palande, Liner Sales India says, “With meticulous planning by our team and fixed monthly sailing from Mumbai to Maputo, we could offer an unbeatable service ensuring the two shipments of coaches arrive on time to meet the project’s tight deadline.” 

High safety standards an efficient transport solution is not the only factor that is important when transporting high-value cargo. A high safety standard is also critical, and with Hoegh Autoliners RoRo solution safe handling and stowage is guaranteed. 

Using rolltrailer equipment ensures rail cargo is rolled on and off the vessel. This eliminates the need for high lifting entirely and reduces risk of damage to the cargo. The high safety standards continue onboard with cargo stored underdeck in ventilated cargo holds. This keeps it safe from elements such as seawater and humidity for the entire sea voyage. 

Sunil Kapoor, Director SARR Freight India comments, “With Hoegh Autoliners experience in handling rail cargo, as well as its reliable liner service and short transit time, it gave us the confidence that the coaches would be delivered safely and on time.”

Shodesh Shipping & Logistic handle shipment for UN

GPLN member Shodesh Shipping & Logistic Company, along with Shodesh Shipping Line from Bangladesh, have successfully handled another Break-Bulk Shipment for the United Nations. The breakbulk vessel named “MV OT IDEAAL” arrived inChittagong Sea port on 14th January, 2022 with defense cargo returned from a UN Mission. 


The cargo was consisting of Jeeps, Trucks, Heavy Cranes, Excavators, Bulldozers, Truck Utilities, etc. which belonged to the Bangladesh Police, Bangladesh Army and Bangladesh AirForce. The total weight was 413.55 tons, where as the total of units was 41. The vessel arrivedfrom Mombasa, Kenya. A total of 34 vehicleswere used to deliver the cargo from Chittagongport to Dhaka Cantonment Police Headquarters and three 50-ton capacity cranes were used to unload the cargo at the consignee job site. The vessel from Mombasa was a GEAR-LESS VESSEL.Generally, gear less break-bulk vessels are not permitted to berth at CHITTAGONG SEAPORT JETTY. Consequently “Berthing of MV OT IDEAAL” was the first challenge for us which had been successfully overcome by our decades of experience, professional nexus and excellent rapport

with the authorities of ports, customs, and terminals and we turned the impossible into possible by receiving the berthing permission for MV OT IDEAAL. 

The vessel was assigned to berth at the New Mooring Container Terminal (NCT1) jetty. Harbor cranes were used to discharge the cargo from the vessel after completion of custom clearance procedure.

Megalift transport heavy transformer

GPLN member Megalift from Malaysia was arranging transportation for the Tanjung Bin Power Plant since 2004. Megalift was the Turnkey Project Logistics Solutions provider for Tanjung Bin Power Plant Phase 1, 2 and 3 (2004 – 2006) and Tanjung Bin Power Plant Phase 4 (2010). Last month we were back in Tanjung Bin with a new transformer. We arranged the freight of a 265-ton cargo from India to Jurong Port, Singapore. Dimensions: L6.10 m x W5.20 m x H5.30 m. In Jurong Port, we performed a double banking to discharge the ?cargo onto a barge from the vessel. The barge was then sailed to Tanjung Bin power plant’s inhouse jetty for us to roll it off to transport the transformer to its final delivery point.

This was done considering inland transport was not feasible due to the cargo’s weight. At the site, we also performed the jacking and skidding to move the transformer onto its foundation.

Star Shipping busy with various Breakbulk and OOG Shipments

GPLN member Star Shipping from Pakistan initiates its new-year achievements by delivering significant volumetric Breakbulk and OOG shipments of multiple transformers and accessories from Karachi Port to Central Punjab Site (January 2022). We have been serving our country’s energy sector as One-window Project Logistics Solutions Platform & Customs Clearing Consultants, since the year 2004.

The shipment of transformers was comprising of total 4 Nos. of heavy-duty transformers (weighing 35 tons each) and their accessories, including fuel tanks. Our work-scope included the receiving of transformers directly onto the trailers via hook-hook, handling at port of discharge and transportation from Karachi Port to Central Punjab Site. We have delivered the whole shipment in safe and sound manner successfully and prior to the provided lead time.


Furthermore, Star Shipping, with the collaboration of their trusted engineering ally “M/s Cres-G RoRo -The safer, smarter way for your breakbulk cent Syndicate” have provided Erection & Placement Services at Volka Food Multan, Punjab. Our work-scope included the erection of Silo-Tops and placement of the aforesaid tops onto multiple Silos at Volka Food Factory Multan, by using our Mobile Hydraulic Crane (Liebherr 1300) with its complete Luffing-Jib. The job was successfully executed withing the given lead-time and with the achievement of “Zero Accident” Goal.

Kita Logistics handles Breakbulk Shipments

Kita Logistics has been very active in converting container cargo to breakbulk shipments to reduce cost and increase delivery speed for its clients. As a result of these efforts, two project cargo vessels were recently discharged at the same port at the same time by Kita Logistics Industrial Projects and Chartering Team. There was much snow and
it was unusually cold in Istanbul that day. However, it did not affect the discharge performance. More vessels are on the way
for discharging from various countries to the Marmara region ports. Kita Logistics, member of GPLN for over 10 years would be happy to cooperate with more members of the GPLN community.

Total Movements ships Concrete Weight Coated (CWC) Pipes

Successful Shipping of a shipload of Concrete Weight Coated (CWC) Pipesfrom India to Thailand for an Exxon Mobil Project by GPLN member Total Movements from India. This project was a big challenge for us right from the word go. The customer, a global EPC company, had to ship this cargo in a timebound manner and within a specific budget. This came at a time when there was an extreme dearth of suitable ships and freight levels were pushing through the roof all across. Our chartering team through its close working relationships managed to book a suitable vessel for pipes on a Last In First out basis within the required budget.

The end customer had deployed a globally acclaimed Marine Warranty Surveyor and our senior technical and operations teams worked closely to ensure that all the safety and operational requirements were met well within time to ensure that the vessel sails out in a time-bound manner. We would like to thank all the stakeholders involved for the successful execution of this critical time-bound shipment.

MOHAB handles Oil and Gas equipment to Algeria

GPLN member Agence Maritime Mohab(MOHAB) from Tunisia organized the unloading and in transit customs formalities at our bonded warehouse in Rades, Tunisia. The cargo was handled with care from arrival till carriage to its final destination in Algeria. The shipment exceeded a total eight of 56 tons and included a Process Mill, Trailer Manifold Header and Trailer Blend Ace, with the largest piece having dimensions of 14,3 x 2,65 x 4,06 meter. For any import / export to or from Hassi Messaoud in Algeria, please do not hesitate to contact us and will be glad assist accordingly.

Maritime Synergy handle Helicopter

GPLN member Maritime Synergy from Thailand recently handled inter-tran sit cargo via Laem Chabang, Thailand, to Nhava Sheva, India. The cargo was consisting of a Sikorsky Helicopter valued at USD 13 million, plus aircraft accessories

PROTRANSER handles transformers and various project cargo

GPLN member Protranser from China delivered 2 sets of transformers from Wuhan, China, to Mombasa, Kenya. The weight of the main body was 46.3 tons. Working
scope included picking up cargo from the factory by low-bed trailers to Shanghai Haitong terminal and port service.

They delivered also 1 set of transformers from Wuhan, China, to Cartagena, Colombia. The weight of the main body was 28.6 tons. The total volume was 22 packages / 5,1740 kg / 128.7 CBM. Working scope included picking up cargo from the factory by low-bed trailers to nominated warehouse in Shanghai. The cargo was shipped by container vessel. Protranser delivered another 2 sets of transformers from Wuhan, China, to Karachi, Pakistan, in two lots. The weight and dimension of the main body was 55.3 tons and 6,040*2,580*3,430m. The total volume was 36 packages /14,8410 kg / 271CBM. Working scope included picking up cargo from the factory by low-bed trailers to Shanghai Zhanghuabang port and port service. Protranser handled also other project cargo, as
follows: Tanks from Shanghai to Kaohsiung, Taiwan, by chartering a breakbulk vessel. The dimension and weight of the largest one was 16,770*4,100*4,000m and 4,3202 kg. The total volume of the lot was 165 CBM / 176.72 tons.


19 mining trucks from Shanghai port to jobsite in DRC via Durban port, South Africa. The weight of each truck was 30 tons, and total volume was nearly 2600 CBM. Working scope was from collecting cargo at Shanghai port, chartering breakbulk vessel from Shanghai to Durban and delivering trucks to DRC by low-bed trailers. And they delivered another 20 mine trucks, plus 3 excavators from Shanghai port to jobsite in DRC via Durban port, South Africa. The weight and dimension of each mine truck was 30 tons and 9,350*4,100*4,400 m, and total volume nearly 4000 CBM. Working scope was from collecting cargo at Shanghai port, chartering breakbulk vessel from Shanghai to Durban and delivering trucks to DRC by low-bed trailers. 28 bundles seamless steel tubes from Shanghai to Vietnam by sea, all cargo was stuffed in one 40’GP. The length of tubes was from 5m to 8m. Total volume was 28 bundles / 25,690 kgs / 15.5 CBM.

And finally flanges by 40’FR from Shanghai, China to Bilbao, Spain, 4 to 8 40’FR per week, since January 2022. The dimension and weight of each package cover was from 3.18 * 3.18 * 1.19m / 9,540 kgs, 3.434 * 3.434 * 1.8m / 11,076 kgs to 3.621 * 3.621 * 1.52m / 11,764 kgs. The total weight of cargo per 40’FR was 34,780 kgs. Working scope included arranging workers to lash cargo on flat racks in the factory, picking up cargo and delivering to Shanghai port and shipping to Bilbao by container vessel.

Ceta Logistics & Projects handle Rig Relocation Project

Another Rig Relocation Project that was carried out safely and quickly by GPLN member Ceta Logistics & Projects from Turkey. Thanks to our expert team and our experience, we have completed the complete Rig-9 relocation project from Turkey to North Iraq with the total of 875 tons 134 pieces with some of heavy and out-ofgauge parts such as 23 meter 65 tons and 58 tons. Past around 2200 km roads with heightest 4,88 meter cargo and safely delivered to the final destination in North Iraq.

Ceta Logistics & Projects declared that they will organise another Rig relocation project movement from Iraq Erbil to Djibouti Port via Iskenderun Port Turkey and it will be total 34000 cbm rig parts, equipments and accessories in the SOC containers. Head of Logistics and Industrial Projects of Ceta Logistics and Projects, Capt. Cem Ercan has informed they have MNR Certification by the North Iraq Government in order to perform shipment such kind of Oil and Gas products and they owned expertised team and suitable equipments