A Word From GPLN:                                                                                                         Newsletters Issue 87 / July – August 2022

Dear Reader,

Residents and travellers who were staying in Europe during summer were facing long-lasting and frequent heat waves, with some regions reaching as high as 45°C. These sweltering temperatures are a rather new problem for European airlines, as well as maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) service providers as severe damage is being done to aircraft fuselages. The extreme heat has become the main culprit in damaging the surface paint of aircraft fuselages, resulting in potential safety risks and grounded aircraft. There have been various discussions around the role of exterior paints in the airworthiness aspect of the aircraft. While some manufacturers attribute chipping and cracking paints to the cosmetics and don’t necessarily see it as a risk, a number of carriers, on the other hand, treat it as that. As the high summer temperatures might be back around next year as well, airlines and MRO service providers in Europe have to start making decisions and implementing solutions in order to prevent any serious problems that can arise from the lifted exterior paints.

Drones could be the next transport revolution. One key area is already the medical industry, with Covid having shown how drones can provide support to remote areas. Pathology samples, blood for transfusions, time critical deliveries and medical supplies can all be transported in a reliable manner via drones. If medicine can only survive 30 minutes or one hour outside of a laboratory, drones can get to hospitals etc. within a short time. When it comes to potential limitations or safety concerns regarding how large a drone’s payload can be, that all comes down to the type of UAV and its design. There are drones that can travel long distances and are capable of carrying up to 300 kilos. But the use of such drones is obviously also depending on each country’s interest, safety issues and certification of this technology.

After the great success of our recent AGM in Rotterdam in May 2022, we are happy to announce that our next annual global conference will take place again at the Hilton Hotel in Rotterdam from June 3-5, 2023. Right after our AGM, on June 6, 2023, our renown Heavy Transport and Lifting Seminar will take place at the same venue which is also open for non-members. More details and delegate registration for both our AGM and Seminar are available on our dedicated websites.

Both GPLN events can be combined with Breakbulk Europe which follows from June 6-8, 2023 at Ahoy Convention Center Rotterdam. GPLN will exhibit at this event and has secured a prime location in the main hall with a 36 sqm booth which is the equivalent to 4 regular stands. GPLN members who wish to share our stand should contact us well in advance as space is limited.

As announced earlier, the GPLN team is exhibiting next year also at Breakbulk Middle East in Dubai from February 13-14, 2023 at Dubai World Trade Centre, together with several GPLN members.


Best regards,

Your GPLN team

MAMQ handles Transformers and Electric Modules



GPLN member M/s M. Amin M. Qaseem (Pvt) Ltd., one of the leading and pioneer one-stop project logistics solution providers in Pakistan, has recently handled and delivered the shipment of 2*220 KV Transformer main bodies (weighing 146 tons each) from Karachi Port to 220 KV Grid Station NTDCL Site, Vehari, Punjab. They have simultaneously also received and delivered 3 abnormal-sized (6.68 meter wide) Schneider’s Electric Modules shipment from Port Qasim to MPCL GTH Site, Daharki in safe & sound condition. MAMQ’s work-scope included the underhook receiving of the aforesaid all 5 heavy-lift packages at Karachi & Qasim Ports upon arrival of the geared vessels and delivery of the aforementioned 2*220kv transformers and 3*OOG Electric Modules to their destinations in Vehari (Punjab)and Daharki (Sindh), respectively.

MAMQ provided its 2*multi-Modular (10 Axle Lines each) Hydraulic Trailers at Karachi Port and 2*multi-Modular (8 Axle Lines each) Hydraulic Trailers with extensions and a Semi Low Trailer at Port Qasim for the safest and in-time underhook receiving of all 5 ODCs at discharging Ports. After the under-hook reception at Port(s) and customs clearance completion, both shipments of aggregate 5 ODCs were dispatched to their destinations immediately and delivered within the provided lead time without any discrepancy. MAMQ is optimistic for its remarkable and historic achievement in the beginning of second quarter of the year 2022 and is focused on the upcoming achievements ahead of this year.

Total Movements delivers Power Generation Equipment

GPLN member Total Movements successfully delivers critical Power Generation Equipment from India door-to-UK port in a record time of 30 days. The multimodal movement comprised 6 units of Super Heaters, which were moved from the supplier’s factory in India to the discharge port in the UK. The key highlights of this movement were: Coverage of a distance of 1800 km to reach the load port from the supplier’s factory within a week’s time / Management of a large convoy of vehicles in the middle of monsoons / Advance preparation on customs documentation to make cargo export worthy immediately upon reaching port / Selection and booking with the right carrier with the best technical and transit time parameters / Detailed discussions and deliberations on loading methodology with the carrier’s team and port authorities to ensure safe loading of cargo.

Our team remained steadfast, continuously tracked the transportation status, obtained local permissions, delivered the cargo to the load port, loaded all units on the designated vessel, and safely delivered the entire consignment in a safe and time-bound manner. We would like to thank all the stakeholders involved for the successful execution of this critical time-bound shipment.


New GPLN Members /  July – August 2022

 Georgia  Tbilisi  Arkas Logistics Georgia LLC
 Senegal  Dakar  STMS Logistics
 Spain  Barcelona  Mega Online Logistics SL


Suvari Shipping ship aluminium factory material to Russia


GPLN member Suvari Shipping & Trading Co., Ltd. From Turkey are glad to announce that another magnificent transportation has been completed recently which has never been shipped on this route so far with this cargo volume. The shipment covering 78 pieces / 801 MT’s, about 5500 cubic meters dismounted aluminium factory materials was managed in a single voyage from Turkey to Krasnoyarsk in Russia. We want to draw your attention regarding discharging port which is located in the middle of Siberia, and only the Yenisey River allows to reach this destination port by barge till this year due to low water restriction which is about 2,3 m. Suvari Shipping handled this case with their professional team and worked on alternative transport solutions to deliver all cargo safely. They had focused to make this shipment with a 2021 fully modernized river type vessel that was named the biggest river type vessel which has ever been built.

This vessel was able to reach Yenisey river via North Pole direction and could proceed to Krasnoyarsk after passing Dudinka for custom transit formalities. After long negotiations and preparations with the vessel commercial management, Mv Kamilla has been finalized in June 2021 for this mega voyage loading the cargo from Izmir, Turkey to Krasnoyarsk in Russia. All cargo stowing/lashing plans were settled before vessel’s arrival for loading by the experienced team and their know-how and the cargo has been stored at the port accordingly. Finally, the vessel arrived to Krasnoyarsk after 40 days at the destination port Krasnoyarsk and we delivered their cargo safely and in good condition. We are very pleased to be part of this long journey, and thankful to all parties concerned who assisted.

Global Shipping Services move Rings

The project department of GPLN member Global Shipping Services LLC (GSS) from New Jersey in USA moved recently sensitive cargo from Balzano Marine Terminals in Camden, New Jersey to York, Pennsylvania.

10 trucks moved these rings successfully in 5 days per consignee’s schedule. Each ring had a dimension of 393 x 393 x 12 cm and a weight of 10,000 kgs each.

Megalift transport Genset in Malaysia

GPLN member Megalift from Malaysia handled the transportation of a 34-ton Genset diesel engine generator and accessories, at a palm oil mill in Malacca, in southwestern Malaysia. The Genset measured 4 metres in length, 3,6 metres in width, and 4,3 metres in height. The cargo was transported approximately 153 kilometres from Puchong in the Selangor region to Malacca. Megalift transported the equipment in several loads, using multi-axle hydraulic trailers.

Malaysia is the world’s second-largest palm oil producer after its neighbour, Indonesia. The production of palm oil is central to the country’s economy and is governed by the Malaysian Palm Oil Board.

Prologis supply Offshore Equipment

GPLN member Prologis Freight from India recently supplied offshore equipment for a new Stainless Steel Making & Castin Plant. The first batch of cargo was arranged from Dalian, China to Vizag, India, consisting of around 790 FRT. The second batch came from Shanghai, China to Kolkata, India and was consisting of around 970 FRT

17 packages were ranging from 32 tons to 41 tons and all of them were non-stackable.

The total volume was approx. 1760 FRT. We have successfully loaded & discharge this cargo during the monsoon season on break bulk vessels for our prestigious client with whom we are working regularly. We thank our suppliers, consignee, ship owner, our partner in China and our Prologis team for their timely and smooth execution.

CKB Logistics mobilize units of Komatsu HD 785 and Komatsu PC 1250

GPLN member PT Cipta Krida Bahari (CKB Group) from Indonesia, a member of PT ABM Investama Tbk (ABM), has been awarded a project logistics service contract to mobilize 46 units Komatsu HD 785- and 4-units Komatsu PC 1250 from Jakarta to Bukit Asam site, Muara Enim – South Sumatra.The mobilization of 46 units Komatsu HD 785- and 4-units Komatsu PC 1250 is an ongoing logistics project from PT Putra Perkasa Abadi (PPA) where previously CKB Group successfully completed the mobilization of 6 units Komatsu HD 785 safely and smoothly. Before being mobilized, Komatsu PC 1250 units were dismantled. Unit mobilization started from United Tractor (UT) Yard which located in Cakung, DKI Jakarta to Merak Port, Cilegon, Banten and sailed to Bakauheni Port, South Lampung. Furthermore, the unit was immediately mobilized to the Bukit Asam site, Tanjung Enim – South Sumatra. At the site, these Komatsu PC 1250 units were reassembled and commissioned before they could be put into operation. A prudent survey, operating plan analysis, routes and types of transportation were the key factors for successful delivery, which are part of CKB Group’s solutions to meet customer expectations. With CKB Group’s extensive experience of more than 2 decades in handling various logistics projects, this mobilization was successfully and safely delivered on time.

SARR Freights complete air charter

GPLN member SARR Freights from India successfully completed another air charter of 20 tons of hazardous cargo, including IMO Class 1 cargo, using an IL-62 aircraft from Kathmandu, Nepal to Goma, DRC. SARR’s team enabled a smooth execution of this shipment, by taking timely permits from all relevant authorities, conducting smooth cargo handling at both airports, air charter and documentation services.

SARR Freights is a Total Logistics Solutions Provider with over three decades of experience, perfectly positioned to manage projects of every size and scope by combining the power of new technologies, technical expertise, and unprecedented experience.

AST FROM TURKEY Design Transportation

One of the fantastic jobs ATS recenlty completed from India up to Tashkent, Uzbekistan was a huge success! The cargo consisted of “Gas Compressors with relevant parts” and measured: 1 unit @ L:800 cm x W:430cm x  H:340cm and 1 unit @ L:410 cm x W:490cm x H:340cm. The total weight was 51 tons. One of the major points was the fact that the cargo was an utmost urgency.There was not enough time left to ship this freight via sea option and bring it up to Turkey for delivery via truck.

At the end of the day, AST designed the transport via Air Charter and mananged to find an AN-124 aircraft within short time. We started picking up the units from Pune, Indıa up to Bombay airport via our valuable Indian partner. The cargo was finally carefully loaded on board of the AN-124 and the flight left on time from Bombay airport for the delivery up to Tashkent airport as scheduled. AST, with over 20 years experience in the project sector, strived to reduce any risks for late delivery to meet their customers expectations.

Polaris Shipping Agencies complete shipment to Libyan Project Site

GPLN member Polaris Shipping Agencies L.L.C. from UAE was awarded a contract for pre-carriage and FOB operation of a portable kitchen with dining facilities which consisted of 4 portable cabins and 1 set of runner master kid to Libya with shipment originating from the factory in Oman. Considering the OOG nature of cargo,  shipment was carefuly moved from suppliers in Oman to Jebel Ali by road and stored at our customs bonded storage facility inside Jebel Ali Free Zone, awaiting for required vessel, space / equipment availability. Subject the shipment was then booked for Jebel Ali / Libya leg with one of the prime container carriers considering their weekly sailings and due to which all units were lashed and secured to required flat racks/ flat beds on board the vessel with in the strictly permitted operational window by carriers. The entire operation was carried out under strict supervision of our HSEQ personels to ensure that subject time sensitive cargo with strict arrival deadline does not encounter any delays in transit and arrives at the destination within the agreed delivery schedule.


MCS Logistics execute large convoy of construction equipment

GPLN member MCS Logistics’ project division from India successfully completed the execution of a large convoy of construction equipment in the middle of the monsoon period from Mumbai, India to George Town in Guyana. MCS Logistics International P. Ltd. were awarded the international project movement of commercial construction equipment of 21 units and approx. 1550 CBM from the site in India to George Town, Guyana on CFR basis. Our professional, well equipped project team coordinated with the customer and began the work by providing table space for the customer’s representative for the most important part of the project being the paper work for Indian customs approval that included preparation of CE certificate for used equipment and individual invoicing, as well as a packing list, partly under temporary export and partly under commercial export. This enabled a timely “Let Export” from Indian customs and timely approval from port authorities. All equipment was safely secured on the vessel. Thanks to our team who created a detailed plan of action at each status with deadlines assigned for each task, this project was a real success in cooperation with the ground handling team and efforts for their cooperation.

Protranser handle various project cargo tasks

GPLN member PROTRANSER’s team from China was awarded to provide packing service for 6 sets of equipment for a vacuum technology. The volume of each set was around 1000cbm, and the total volume was 6000cbm. The heaviest unit was nearly 20 tons. Working scope includes arranging packing crew, dismantling and re-installation team and material to the factory, packing under Japanese standard and mobilizing forklift and automatic crane for loading on trucks after packing. The packing requirements were very strict: For inner packing requirements for package cases, it is required for not less than 5 layers: 1. anti-static layer; 2.PE layer (dustproof, waterproof and rustproof layer); 3. bottom layer (waterproof and rustproof layer) with desiccant placed; 4. bubble bag (shockproof layer); 5. aluminum foil (vacuum layer), in order to prevent the equipment from the damage caused by moisture and salt during the shipping and land transportation.

For outer packing requirements for the cases, all the equipment (except the consistent transport equipment) was packed in totally enclosed wooden or iron cases. The cases were covered with 2 rain cloth layers; material of the waterproof cloth with thick oilcloth and 0.4mm or above in thickness and so on. After the first and second layers were packed, our dismantling and re-installation team operated the overhead crane to move the cargo from the dust-free workshop to the buffer area by using a self-contained lifting beam for the rest of the packing steps. Protranser’ s team arranged staff to supervise the whole operation process and make sure everything was under control. We finished service for 3 sets already by actively cooperating with the factory’s epidemic prevention requirements and are ready for providing service to the rest 3 sets according to our client’s requirement.


Furthermore, Protranser delivered also 180cbm steel plates from Nanjing port, Jiangsu province to Del Guazu port in Argentina. The dimension of the steel plates was thickness x width x length / 8.7mm x 2950mm x 8150mm and the total volume was 99pcs/153kgs/180cbm. Working scope is chartering service.With another shipment Protranser delivered a set of PV inverters from Shekou port, South China to Chennai, India on 20′ Flat Rack (FR). The weight and dimension of the cargo was 10500kgs and 4.9*3.3*2.6m. Our working scope included stuffing and lashing the cargo covered by tarpaulin and booking space on container vessel to deliver cargo to India by sea. In south China, the operation requirements are different from east China, which requires high management ability and professional knowledge to coordinate all aspects. Protranser team has own branch office in Shenzhen and our staffs will take care of your shipment personally.

Protranser’ s team delivered also construction machineries from China to Tajikistan for a Road Tunnel Project. A total of 8 units of cargo, including 3 loaders, 1 excavator, 1 roller, 1 grader and 2 Concrete pump trucks, were loaded on 7 trailers. From Karasu Port in Kashgar, Xinjiang province, to the jobsite in the mountains in Tajikistan via Dushanbe, it took 5 days to deliver the cargo. We overcame the challenge of the bad condition of road in Tajikistan, with many mountain roads and dirt roads, by enhancing lashing requirement to deliver the cargo to jobsite on time safely. Finally, Protranser delivered 2 sets of ladles and other equipment from Tianjin to Manzanillo, Mexico. The weight of main body was 40 tons and the total volume of this lot of cargo was nearly 600cbm. Our working scope is chartering service of breakbulk vessel.